Monday, March 17, 2008

The World- Class Adventurer!!!!

In the Nissan PATROL SUPER SAFARI , luxury crosses all boundaries. Modern, refined, ingenious, and totally devoted to providing the driver with enhanced control, it puts you in center stage.
Superior off-road performance.

The Nissan PATROL SUPER SAFARI offers more than just room to extend your elbows and legs: it encourages the soul to explore new levels of satisfaction.
Seat configurations

TB48DE 4800 Twincam 24 valve gasoline engine

* Max. power: 185kW (252 Ps) / 4,800rpm
* Max. torque: 420Nm (42.8kg-m) / 3,600rpm

Open the throttle and discover the pulse-quickening surge of class-leading power.
The majestic performer

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NISSAN Shift_the future

New Style, More Power.
Poise to set new levels of innovation in the pickup market with another breeds of firsts to unveil



The Navara asserts its toughness with an imposing exterior design. It sports a robust stance from its rounded front to the smooth tailgate, highlighted by strong, flared wheel arches.
Distinguished presence

YD25DDTi Common-rail Turbo Intercooler diesel engine delivers highest engine rating in the market today.
Unmatched performance

Navara’s 8-cross members, is an additional unique hallmark that is yet to be matched in the market.
Built to last

With safety in mind, the Navara is always prepared for the unexpected.
Uncompromised safety

Tough on the outside with its imposing exterior design, yet inside, it pampers both driver and passengers alike with SUV-like comforts.
Freedom within

Monday, January 21, 2008

If You Try...

The next time you think you don't measure up or that you can't do it,remember: Albert Einstein's parents and teachers thought he was retarded. He couldn't speak until he was 9-years old. He couldn't tie his shoes. A teacher in Munich wrote in his school report, "You will never amount to very much."
This just goes to show that no one is perfect,and that you can go far if you try.
The key is believing in yourself even when others don't believe in you!
Dear God,
I pray that the friend who's receiving this message will drop me a line today.But even if I don't hear a word,please send many blessings my friend's way and lots of sunshine throughout the day!